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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 15, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> the highway patrol is responding and the union pacific tracks are should down right now. our news department says now they are open. the tracks are open again. amy will have a live report coming up. >> good morning, thank you very much for joining us on tuesday, i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. now the weather. >> it is chilly but unlike the last couple of mornings we did not have to scrape off the ice because there was so little. it is cold again this morning. the air mass is drying and the frost is not so thick. you can see how dry it is, with not a radar return to be found. this was sent in to us from twitter. that is what it looks like in petaluma, frost on the car. temperature is in the 20's to 30's and same in the east bay
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valley we have near freezing conditions if los gatos and a lot of sunshine this afternoon and temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's. >> back to fremont we had an early accident northbound 880 new cleared from the lanes and to the shoulder so we do not see slowing. eastbound dumbarton bridge we have road work until 6:00, and westbound the road work is picked up so you have no problems to menlo park. coleman to north bascom, road work until 7:00 this morning. otherwise it is looking good. >> all this frigid morning extra help is going out to the hopeless who have been struggling in dangerous conditions for days. we go to san jose. >> in a few hours, people in need are expected to line up around the building to get cold weather essentials.
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sacred heart gives out 100 backpacks twice a month separated by gender and by size of the person. personal care items are inside, socks, underwear, and highly coveted flannel blankets, a hot commodity. the give away is not just for the homeless but all those in need who cannot afford to keep their families warm at home. >> prolonged cold snap and people are still struggling. we do not believe we have seen the end of the recession. hour holiday programs were extremely busy. a way people balance the budget is by turning down the heat. sometimes not running it at all. >> the backpacks will go quickly when they are given away at 9:00 a.m. right here. reporting live if san jose.
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>> our time is 5:04. president obama is reviewing proposals from vice president biden's gun violence task force while in new york state they will enact the most restrictive gun legislation in the country. we are live in washington, dc, with the latest from our reporter. >> good morning, president obama said he is not going to worry about the politics of gun control but will worry about what makes sense. some of the major proposals will need congressional approval. >> president obama will unveil the plan for curbing gun violence this woke promising action with or without help from congress. >> i am confident there are steps we can take that do not require legislation and are if my authority as president. >> the president's gun task force identified executive actions he can take but at the top of the list is reinstating the i salt weapons ban and extending background checks for people with purchase firearms at
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gun show which requires congress to act. >> members of congress have to have a debate and examine their conscience. >> according to a washington post/abc news poll there is overwhelming support for certain new gun control measures, with 88 percent of americans support gun show background checks and 65 percent support a ban on high capacity magazines. more background checks will harass law-abiding citizens say the owners. >> do you think controls will get a background check before they sell a gun to another criminal? >> many in connecticut who remembered the one month anniversary of the shooting, want action. >> doing nothing is no longer an option. >> this is a promise to do everything in our power to be remembered not as a town of grief but a place where change began. >> lawmakers in new york state reached a tentative agreement for the most restrictive gun law in the country including tougher assault weapons ban and more
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stringent background checks for gun sales. >> the national rifle association has vowed to take the fight to congress lobbying against laws that restrict access to guns. >> thank you. a state lawmaker from san francisco is introducing a bill aimed at reducing gun violence in california. democratic senator wants to bolster the assault weapons ban. it calls for banning the use of bullet buttons that allow shoot wees to change magazines quickly on military-style rifles. the bill bans the use of magazines that contain more than ten bullets. the national rifle association has not responded to a request for a comment. >> gun violence claimed the life in east palo alto with a second victim in critical condition a block from east palo alto police headquarters. police say a 24-year-old was killed after being shot several
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times. a second man showed up at the medical center with wounds believed from the same shooting. investigators are looking for a motive and suspects in the case. >> police are looking for a plank robber and asking for help identifying the criminal novato. the robbery happened thursday before 4:00 when this man entered the west america bank. no weapon was used or seen. no one was injured. the man demanded money from the teller and escaped running away. a search of the area turned up nothing. anyone with a tip on the robbery is asked to call the novato police department. >> this morning, two men accused of antigay crime are in custody and police say the 23-year-old anthony garcia and a second man spray painted antigay facility on two campus buildings on saturday night. police are looking if a third suspect who is described as hispanic with a first name of "chris" and weighing 200 pounds
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at 6' 2". >> there will be an amendment to rename the airport after slain civil rights gay rights leader harvey milk. it needs the support of five other supervisors to commit the name change proposal. he wants it renamed harvey milk san francisco international airport one the first openly gay men elected to must be office in the united states when he won a seat on the board of supervisors in 1977. he was assassinated at city hall along with the mayor a year later. >> we will check the forecast. it is chilly. did the car thermometer say anything? >> i was too afraid to look. >> 35! >> 26! >> i had to scrape the ice. the air is dry so the frost is
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not so thick but it is out there. good morning, everyone. freeze warning, the areas shayed leader, north bay area and east bay valley, a hard free until 9:00 in morning and mid-20's so pets, plants and possibly pipes protected until 9:00. we have a frost advisory that continues for the bay shoreline until 9:00 for temperatures in the low 30's. the difference between yesterday and today the winds or lack thereafter, with the fattest wind at eight miles per hour. the stagnant air has cooled. we will modify the air mass very slowly with all this sunshine. upper 50's and near 60's on wednesday and thursday and by friday we will have frost less likely. have a good day. >> notwithstandings. the golden gate bridge coming
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off waldo, you are looking good and they have reconfigured the commute to four lanes from southbound, and from 580 or 880 or 80 at the north you have light conditions through macarthur maze with no problems at the bay bridge toll plaza and everything is smooth in san francisco and from the central valley you are seeing slowing moving toward the altamont pass and over to livermore but still a good ride if you are just now getting out of the house at 5:10 which is less than 20 minutes to the dublin/pleasanton. we have breaking news, the fire in crockett, i will show you where it was in relation to the c bridge, union pacific tracks in the area are open. >> thank you. a critical deadline for foreclosed homeowners is days
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away with national aid about to disappear. >> local ad that uses a family to tell the
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>> san rafael, south bay, please pleasanton and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> let's take a look at the embarcardero in san francisco is colder than yesterday.
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you can probably count the stars. very clear morning but mike nicco says we are about to turn the corner and get warmer temperatures so you have the forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> the california legislature is agreeing with governor brown the state budget is balanced. last week, brown released $97 billion state spending plan for the next fiscal year that protects a $1 billion reserve. analysts issued the first review of the governor's budget saying that after years of multibillion dollar deficit california has revenues and expenditures in balance. >> taxpayers are angry over the cost of a $30 million computer system that the county says does not work properly and it is still in use. the county sued the consulting company and software provider and a former county auditor saying that the system cost taxpayers $28.6 million.
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the county settles with the company for $3.9 million rebate on $11 million in fees. the lawsuit cost $5 million. all other claims have been dropped. >> alameda county estimates 15,000 children are eligible for low income health care program but the families do not take advantage of it. to resolution awareness and a few eyebrows, alameda county started this ad campaign showing a family showing all with signs of the message "you would not let your family go without clothes why let they goal without health coverage," they want families to take advantage of health insurance to prevent serious health problems. >> if you were trapped in the mortgage mess and lost your home we have important information. the national mortgage relief settlement is wrapping up the first phase so if you lost your home to foreclosure you have to act this week. the deadline is friday for submitting claims to get part of a $25 billion settlement involving bank of america, chase, wells fargo, and several
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others. it was announced last year that the settlement is connected to the action surrounding the robo signing controversy. banks were accused of improperly filling out mortgage paper work. we have a link with the information you need on >> time for a check of the forecast. no ice scraping for me and probably not for a while as we town the temperature corner. >> we have frost around the bay this morning, we will probably have some inland tomorrow and that could be the last time. >> now a look outside to show you what is going on, how about all that static electricity. >> fun for the kids. they love it. >> fun with static electricity. 5:17 this morning, from the east
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bay hills, all the way across to san francisco, it looks inviting. notice how calm the bay is this morning, also, no wind and it is colder, dry on live doppler 7 hd and without the wind it is frost forming although we do not have the wind chill. be prepared for this. temperatures are running nearly the same to 12 degrees cooler than yesterday. where does that put us? upper 20's in santa rosa, san rafael, livermore, fairfield, 26 or 30 in napa and concord and los gatos and freezing, now, second day in a row, in redwood city, near freezing in san jose and 34 in mountain view and 38 in oakland and 41 in san francisco for the warm spot. everyone is freezing around the monterey bay and inland but salinas is not too far behind.
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we will have a lot of sunshine that will moderate this air mass tonight is our last night of wide-spread frost inland. it will be mostly sunny and warmer. ready for 60's? that is what we have this weekend. we have low-to-mid 50's in most neighborhoods and santa rosa and oakland around 58 and 57 and warmer around the monterey bay and mid-to-upper 50's and tonight we have 30's inland the best chance of profit and mid-30's to low 40's around the bay shore and to the coast. here is the accweather forecast, the bay will be in the 60's and we stay low-to-mid 60's through the weekend. not a drop ahead. sue? >> back to the bay bridge. things are mying -- moving nicely. metering lights are off and no problems on the incline and the
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upper deck of san francisco is looking good and the flat section beyond the toll plaza as you turn to the high-rise it is budged up and under 15 minute between hayward and foster city so that is typical for this time of the morning and your dive from -- drive from antioch to 242, about 17-minute drive into the concorde area and we have eastbound road work on the dumbarton bridge in various lanes blocked until 6:00. >> thank you very much, sue. ellen dropped in on jimmy kimmel live last might and he offered a solution for the president's dilemma on the debt ceiling. >> obama held the final press conference of the first term in office. he talked about the debt ceil saying if congress does not work with him to raise the debt ceiling america will be in default and we my have to sell florida.
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>> watch jimmy kimmel live weeknights right here on abc7 at the new time following abc7 news at 11 and "nightline" is on right after that. >> lebanese -- leave disneyland and the cracked crab
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>> welcome back on the 4th anniversary of "miracle on the hudson." "sully" sullenberger joins katie about the incredible emergency landing. >> of all people to be piloting that lane, thank goodness it was you. i get on a plane and i think, sully? anyone named sully on this plane. >> i appreciate that and when i travel as a passenger i have people recognize me and they say i feel better knowing you are here. >> i look for him in the cockpit, as well. that is katie at 3:00 p.m. right here on abc7. >> good show. >> 5:23. great mighting that day. amazing to see the pictures.
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>> now, outside, it is darn cold. >> do we want do? mike, what are we facing? >> freezing temperatures in a lot of areas but this afternoon we are going to chip away at this air mass and start to warm it up a little bit. antioch is stuck at 49 and 52 and you have a jump there and oakland at 57 and san francisco and san mateo and down to san rafael, 54, and 56 in san jose. it is quiet across the entire state. radar is showing nothing to worry about. it was 14 below sunday morning if tahoe. live be doppler showed it was 11 below yesterday in tahoe. it will be in the upper 60's in
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southern california. >> 280 northbound in san jose beyond highway 17 to sunnyvale and cupertino area, just a few headlights and good conditions for the drive. the drive times right now 680 from walnut creek to dublin interchange is 15 minutes and highway 24 traveling from walnut creek to the tunnel, just under 20 minutes. highway 12 to 37 is under half an hour. all mass transit at this hour, everyone is on schedule. >> nissan's electric car will see a massive drop in price because of slow sales, they plan to sale the car starting at $28,800, $6,000 cheaper than previous. the electric focus and volt start at $39,000. all three electric cars have state and federal tax incentives that can bring the price down
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thousands. >> the fat cats on wall street can learn something from a house cat named orlando who was pitted against professional investors in choosing stocks last year to make the picks he threw his toy mouse on a board with options and he earned $800 compared to $470 for the pro's. >> if attitude is everything we can learn something from a newborn panda cub. check out this picture. a great way to start the day for the giant panda who is more eager to check out the world. he was fed by the handlers at the chinese conservation area. he is saying hello. >> we have breaking news in the east bay with the battle of a structure fire not far from ear.
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amy hollyfield has the latest information from the firefighters right now and we will check with her ahead. >> lance armstrong comes clean, the admission he now is making and what it could
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>> abc7 news starts right now with live breaking news. >> at 5:29 we follow breaking news. a pier fire. >> amy joins us live from the scene. what have you learned, amy? >> i tried to figure if you can see anything. it is so dark i don't think you can. the fire is out on the water. it is pitch black. straight to the video you can see what was burning a few minutes ago. this is an old pier with a building on it, unoccupied for years. it is tough if firefighters to
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get there. they cannot reach the fire. so a fire boat just arrived. they do suspect this was set by someone. this is no electrical source out there and this has been e for years and maybe it was fishermen setting a warming fire or someone out to exit arson to be cruel. they will investigate that. no one was hurt. this was empty. firefighters have been spraying from the shore. the fire started after 3:00 this morning saying they believe the pier and the building on it has caught fire before, probably a couple of years ago. if you are curious where we are, i have a landmark if you have crossed the carquinez bridge and seen the c&h sugar refinery reare down shore from that and
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there was a concern burning debris could threat down to the refinery so they have been watching that. there are railroad shots that have been shut down while the fire is burning. that has been re-opened. this is about to wrap up. the fire boat is here. we will monitor this and get back with you so stay with us as we follow the breaking news. >> we will keep checking back. >> it must be cold for the firefighters on the water. >> absolutely. much colder than yesterday. hopefully they are prepared. 5:31 this morning. you can see the lack of radar runs and the air is relatively dry and there is enough moisture causing frost to develop and freezing temperatures in the north bay and east bay valleys and santa clara valley until 9:00 this morning and mid-20's means pets, pipes and plants come in. frost advise we for pets and
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plants and low 30's until 9:00. this afternoon, though, a lot of sunshine and low-to-mid 50's at the coast and mid-to-upper 50's for the rest of us. >> here is a look at the toll plaza on the bay bridge beyond treasure island we have reports of an accident with the right lane blocked. hopefully they will clear that out. right now behind the tolls traffic is light and no metering lights are here. jackson street is where amy was reporting from. you can see i wanted to show you where that fire was. it is not affecting amtrak or union pacific trains. it is or was visible from the carquinez bridge. you can see the relationship but the crews are there and the fire will be out shortly and not affecting traffic. kristen? >> we are waking up to another morning of freezing temperatures in the bay area but the other thing you could feel is the supermarkets where quality is bound to be affected by the deep
5:32 am
freeze. farmers have been fighting a battle to keep the orchards from freezing but lettuce, the freeze damage is already showing up and prices could double nationwide in days. the price at a market is more than $2 a bunch. supermarket managers say they are at the mercy of wholesalers who bid up the price of the crops in short shy. >> cycling word is buzzing over admission by lance armstrong after denying, he admits now he used performance enhancing drugs. now live to the newsroom. the federal government is watching carefully? >> he could face a federal lawsuit after this interview airs with new insight on how the interview went. sources say he admitted he used performance enhancing drugs but the former president of the union is not ready to talk about
5:33 am
the concession because he has not seen it. a sportswriter talked to armstrong and says he was ready to tell the truth. >> he was calm, ready to speak candidly with oprah. >> he could face expensive legal problems after the interview. sources say he is in talks to possibly repay some of the millions of dollars to the postal service paid if they sue to get it back. the deadline is thursday and that is the same day armstrong's interview with oprah is scheduled to air on her own network. before the interview he apologized to the staff of the charity he founded, a foundation spokesman said he was heartfelt and sincere. >> this morning, police are investigating a body found in the trunk of a car near the university. the car was parked in a no
5:34 am
parking zone on petaluma hill road. the car was towed away last night. investigators say it is connected to a crime committed friday in san santa rosa but thy will not say what the crime was. >> san francisco police are reaching out to the public to fine the man who attacked a woman in the mission district. investigators released this sketch of a man accused of attempted rape in january. he is described as weighing 160 pounds. he punched the victim and wrestled her to the ground before being scared off. >> marin county is hosting a four-count gun buyback today and monday and they are willing to pay for more than guns. can you get $200 for turning in a semi-automatic weapon and $100 for other firearms and $10 for violence videos. drop off is until 8:00 people tonight. locations include police
5:35 am
stations in san rafael, novato, and point reyes and st. andrew church in marin city. they are also accepting guns from san francisco, and sonoma. >> the police department will be run by chris moore, after the department passed on all candidate whose applied for the job. >> attorneys for pg&e and plaintiffs in a deadly fire are looking to settle remaining cases without going to trial after eight people were killed that destroyed 38 homes. they determined that aged pipes and poor maintenance combined to cause the blast. more than 400 lawsuits by residents were filed against pg&e with a quarter settled. the ruling in october allowing the jury to consider punitive damages is prompting them to
5:36 am
settle. >> facebook will reveal a new development at 10:00 at headquarters. they have been keeping the announcement under wraps. the speculation is they could reveal a feature that intensifies the competition with google. user would welcome that because the current search functions are limited. the company is not likely to unveil a facebook smartphone after c.e.o. zuckerberger shot down that rumors in the fall. >> what do you think of the fact that shares of facebook have been climbing before the reveal. >> shareholders probably are happy about that. >> we will keep a close eye. >> are you happy about the cold? if not you could be happy the next few days. >> your plants are not happy. mike? >> probably not. maybe tonight is the last night for some of us. if you wonder what the democrat is, we will talk about who is freezing and who is not. los gatos is 30. same for concord and napa.
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29 in livermore and santa rosa and 26 in fairfield. close to frost in san jose at 33 and mountain view and half moon bay 33. oakland is 38. san francisco is always the warm spot at 41 degrees. this is the difference between yesterday and today. the winds are walk but for oakland where we have eight-mile-per-hour wind from the water from the southeast. freezing cold conditions at 7:00 and we are near 50 at noon. warmer than conferred. low-to-mid 50's throughout the afternoon. we will be back in the low to upper 40's by 7:00 so this evening will not be so cold as last evening. the next three days seasonal temperatures upper 50's to near 60 and low 60's for thursday and friday. have a good day. >> back to the bay bridge with an accident westbound beyond treasure island. the upper deck is moving nicely.
5:38 am
the accident has been cleared off the roadway so the bay bridge so far is good into san francisco. it is busy on 80 westbound into berkeley and emeryville. it slows where 580 merges but it picks up at macarthur maze. from san rafael, by the marin ymca it is moving nicely with slowing to the central valley and the commute is bunching up and over the altamont pass at 25-minute drive into pleasanton. kristen and eric? >> thank you. unwanted and possibly illegal, next, a bay area city votes whether to shut down a neighborhood 7/11 store. >> 49er road trip, the faithful plans who will follow the team
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>> welcome back at 5:42. animal control officials are looking for the person who shot a cat with an arrow. but the cat will survive. he was in the barn on his owner's property when someone shot him with the arrow. vets at the animal hospital saved the cat.
5:42 am
they pulled this arrow from him. the cat should be out of the hospital today. >> lawyers for 7/11 will take the city of san mateo to court now that the city council voted to rescind the operating permit if a show open for weeks. the city council voted to do that after neighbors complained the people should not have been issued. the store is in a residential neighborhood at north san mateo drive. there was a d eli that expired when the build was empty for two years but a city attorney ruled the 7/11 could operate there. >> it will violate the law. >> the property owner and the 7/11 decided to take a calculated business risk or failed to do their property due diligence before purchasing the property and entering into a long-term lease. >> the council agreed it was a mistake to issue the permit and
5:43 am
voted unanimously to rescind it. 7/11 says the ultimate decision will be made in court. >> now, this is not the way i remember it going but a new ad lets you book a date in two minutes. >> and now, the bloomberg business report. >> good morning, walmart offering to hire every veteran who want as job if they left the military in the past year and did not receive a dishonorable discharge. this is according to the "new york times" which called it among the largest hiring commitments for veterans in history. it could lead to the hiring of 100,000 in five years. watch for announcement from facebook, holding a media event from the headquarters inviting journalists to see what is being build. speculation ranges from advertising to integration with wireless or a facebook phone. a new app lets you book a state in two minutes, which releases
5:44 am
blind date for iphone or droids and no filter to scene out people who could be dangerous but the app uses four square laboratory options from local bars and coffee shops so you cannot plan to meet in someone's house or car. at the new york stock exchange with the bloomberg business report. >> there is no problem getting a ticket for the nfc championship game for the fans willing to travel to atlanta. the victory on saturday puts them a win away from the super bowl taking on atlanta in georgia on sunday but ticket holders are not getting the business expected because most do not have the time or the pun to make that trip to atlanta. >> i had a person call up that wants to travel to atlanta. if they played here, there would
5:45 am
be $100,000 in ticket sales. but, nothing. >> have to work but love to go if i could. >> what is the next best thing? >> many fans are planning to host game-watching parties at home starting at noon our time on sunday. >> fans are ready for the nfc championship and sending in the photos, a cat is all set for the sunday matchup. here is a baby an early start with 49er fever. e-mail to kgo and we will post them and she as many as we can on the air. i wanted to see the cap, kaepernicking, you know? >> right.
5:46 am
>> you can go to the game in atlanta, right? >> i could. i could. i could. i know the great places to eat, waffle house, cracker barrel. >> are they remain warmer than us? >> they have been in the 70's. but that is short-lived. it will be cooler this weekend. 50's. we will feel it at home. i would love to go watch the game, get paid, free room and board, see the parents. good morning, everyone. we are looking from our east bay hills at the bay bridge. you can see the lights flashing. we will find out how the commute is this morning. sue was following an accident. hopefully that is cleared. give me two minutes. here we go, live doppler 7 hd shows how quiet is this morning with nothing going on as far as
5:47 am
wet weather right now. it is dry. colder this morning. we look at the temperatures. who is not freezing? antioch at 33. san jose at 33. mountain view at 33 so there is scattered frost. we have 38 at oakland and 41 at san francisco and 40 in fremont and frost inland, and 35 in monterey and 33 in salinas. such -- sunny today. frost tonight. inland valleys, everyone else is not going to have to worry. we may not have to worry inland after thursday. sunny. the warmest weather hits this weekend. right now we are taking slowly the journey to warmer weather. 52 in antioch. you were at 49 yesterday. mid-50's for the rest of us. express 10 is 58 and oakland is
5:48 am
57. around monterey bay and inland mid-to-upper 50's. no freezing temperatures around the bay. 41 in san francisco. headed inland, we are close with 30's and 31 and 32 so there will be scattered frost. a couple areas of high pressure and it is not moving and over the next couple of days here is our cold air mass, wednesday, thursday, it is getting chipped away as mild weather comes in, for the weekend and the cold air mass retreats. there is rain to the west but the seven-day outlook is dry all seven days with temperatures in the low-to-mid 60's friday through monday. have a great day. >> the early accident on the bay bridge cleared a couple of minutes ago and upper deck is looking good with no problems behind the toll plaza and san mateo bridge a few brake lights from the flat section to the
5:49 am
high-rise and to foster city but you still have less than 15 minutes between hayward and foster city. south golden gate bridge is light conditions into san francisco. we have slow traffic from antioch. we are getting reports of capital corridor delay because of the investigation of the fire in crockett. system-wide delays but they are not specific how long the delays are. no other mass transit problems. kristen? >> a date is set for secretary of state, hillary clinton to testify before the house foreign affairs committee about the september 11th attack on the consulate in benghazi. she was scheduled to testify last month but she was hospitalized for a blood clot after suffering a concussion. the testimony is rescheduled if january 23rd according to chairman of the panel. shell answer tough questions of
5:50 am
the raid that killed u.s. ambassador from the bay area and three other americans. >> lawmakers from the northeast are rolling up their sleeves for a battle in congress over recovery funding for super storm sandy. a vote is expected on an aid package worth $50 billion. conservatives want to offset the cost with spending cuts in other parts of the bills not related to the disaster. the $17 billion bill is aimed at the immediate recovery needs that both sides agree has been delayed too long. more than $9 billion has been allocated for sandy hook elementary sandy relief. >> and the rush to get a vaccination of the flu could require patience. >> what people say about
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>> welcome back, we are looking at a lot of sunshine and temperatures in the 50's but we will have upper 50's around oak land and santa rosa. we are looking at nothing on radar. it is dry. it will remain dry. all throughout the day and across the entire state. our warmest weather is 62 in los angeles and the coolest is 39 in yosemite. >> it is busier on the east shore freeway commute from richmond to berkeley and emeryville.
5:54 am
no major delays here but a lot of folks headed into the bay bridge and macarthur maze where you see no delays but a couple of cars stacked up into san francisco the we have capital corridor train delays because of an investigation of the fire in crockett. that now is out. the delays are system-wide with capital corridor and no other mass transit delays. kristen and eric? >> a high demand for the flu vaccine state-wide is causing some clinics to run out but california health officials say there is enough supply to meet demand. there is no shortage of the vaccine in the west people just need to inpatient. clinics do not have enough in stock but new shipments are expected this week. the flu season in california may not peak for several weeks. it takes do -- two weeks after the shot to build up immunity. >> marijuana may not lead to a long term drop in iq although
5:55 am
early studies show a drop in iq scores for those smoking during teens. but it could be an economic difference. the findings were published by the national academy of science. >> a simple pleasure that google provides, doodles show something interesting about a particular date. the process is shared with schoolchildren each year. today is the launch of the contest and it runs through march 22. these are past winners for the dude tell congress for students from kindergarten through high school so get the kids up and going. >> amazing creativity. next at 6:00 we are continuing to follow breaking news from a pier fire that is burning on the waterfront in crockett and
5:56 am
firefighters say they have to let this burn out on its own. >> how accurate are the websites that provide medical conversation. clear
5:57 am
5:58 am
>> this is abc7 news. >> a pier fire burns and firefighters say they may have to let it burn. >> happen this morning, extra help to the helpless struggling this dangerously cold conditions today. >> lance armstrong is back pedaling what low said about doping during the disgraced and
5:59 am
famed career. >> and now, thank you for joining us. >> just wait. just be patient. the cold temperatures will be leaving. >> usually petaluma is the cool spot and this doppler 7 hd showing dry air over us this morning but we will update the cold snap, north bay and east bay valley and santa clara valley freeze warning until 9:00. plants, pets, and pipes, want out. we will be in the low 30's. temperatures will run from the 20's to the 30's through 7:00 this morning. we will be at 50 at noon and low-to-mid 50's by 4:00.


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